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Notices posted on this page are related to projects CAL FIRE has approved, or is considering approving which are subject to CEQA. For information on THPs under review please view the Forest Practice, Timber Harvesting Plan Status page.

The following projects have been found to be EXEMPT from further CEQA review:

Project Name Project Location   Approval Date

Baker FFS Erosion Control Project

Tehama County.



Hayfork Community and Municipal Watershed Protection Project Sections 6, T31N, R11W, and Sections 1, 2 & 12, T31N, R12W, and Sections 28, 35 & 36, T32N, R12W, MDBM in Trinity County.   12/1/17
Canyon Lakes 15SRA 1039 Sections 28, 33 & 34, T22N, R4E, MDBM in Butte County.   12/1/17
5GS15144; Logtown East Side Fuel Break (LT10) Monitor Section Sections 14, 23 & 26, T9N, R10E, MDBM in El Dorado County.   11/30/17
Vegetation and Emergency Roadside Clearance ORC Canyon Communities

Silverado, Modjeska, Trabuco, and Williams Canyons in Orange County.   11/12/17
Doreen Drive Neighborhood Fuel Break

Section 4, T3S, R1E and Section 29, 32 & 33, T2S, R1E, HBM in Humboldt County.   11/12/17
Castle Rock FFS Landscaping and Generator

Tracy, CA   11/03/17
SCU HQ Dorm and Tree Project

Morgan Hill, CA   10/27/17
MVU HQ Upgrades

Monte Vista, CA   10/12/17
Aviation Management Warehouse Lease

McClellan Park, CA   10/12/17
SFM Fire Engineering, Arson and Bomb Unit Lease

Sacramento, CA   10/12/17
Ishi CC Temporary Dining Facility

Tehama County, CA   10/12/17
Potrero Fire Station 40-acre Acquisition

San Diego County, Ca   9/26/17
Lyon-Phoenix Lake Shaded Fuel Break **NEW**

Portions of Section 20, 29 & 32, T2N, R15E, MDBM in Tuolumne County.   10/2/17
Woodside Road-Skywood Acres Shaded Fuel Break **NEW**

Un-sectioned portions of T6S, R4W, MDBM in San Mateo County.   8/30/17
Pine Valley Community Fuel Break **NEW**

Sections 36, T15S, R4E, Section 31, T15S, R5E; Section 6, T16S, R5E, & Section 1, T16S, R4E, SBBM in San Diego County.   8/2/17


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are available for review and comment:

Project Name Project Location Close of Public Comment Date


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are available for review:

Project Name


Project Approval Date


CAL FIRE Davis Mobile Equipment Facility Improvement Project

Davis, CA 10/17/17

Lucia Abreu Vineyard Howell Mountain Conversion Project

Napa County


Davis Family, LLC Friesen Vineyards Project

Napa County  

Ciminelli Estate Vineyards (EIR)

Napa County  

Dupen Blueberry Hill Timberland Conversion

Yuba County  

Pepperwood Preserve Initial Study Negative Declaration

Sonoma County 12/2016


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are being prepared and are available for Agency comment:

Project Name Project Location Agency Comment Due



Project Name


Meeting/Hearing Date

No Projects at this time.

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