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Notices posted on this page are related to projects CAL FIRE has approved, or is considering approving which are subject to CEQA. For information on THPs under review please view the Forest Practice, Timber Harvesting Plan Status page.

The following projects have been found to be EXEMPT from further CEQA review:

Project Name Project Location   Approval Date
Julian Fire Station Waterline Replacement San Diego County   6/11/18
Howard Forest Resource Management Office Replacement Mendocino County   6/11/18
State Fire Marshall Redding Office Lease Shasta County   6/11/18
Mitchell Mine Fuel Break 16 USFS-WUI 45412 Sec 1 & 2, T6N, R11E. Sec 25 & 36, T7N, R11E. Sec 3, T6N, R12E, Sec 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33 & 34, T7N, R12E, MDBM in Amador County.   6/8/18
Hayfork Community and Municipal Watershed Protection Project Sec. 6, T31N, R11W; Sec 1, 2, & 12, T31N, R12W, and Sec. 28, 35, 36, T32N, R12W, MDBM in Trinity County.   5/31/18
Ramona Fire Station Tough Shed  San Diego County, CA   5/29/18
Puerta La Cruz conservation Camp Wall Replacement  San Diego County, CA   5/29/18
Station 58 Road Repair  Shasta County, CA   5/29/18
AEU Sign Holder Installation  Alpine, Amador, El Dorado & Sacramento Counties   5/29/18
Temecula FFS Land Acquisition Riverside, CA   5/4/18
LNU Occidental FFS Waterline and Paving Sonoma County, CA   5/4/18
State Fire Marshall Lease Extension Chico, CA   5/18/18
Larson Road Emergency Access Project

Portions of T10S, R1W, un-surveyed Rancho Shoquel Augmentation, MDBM in Santa Cruz County.

Hamilton Vegetation Fuel Reduction Project Sections 7, 15, 16, 17, & 18, T28N, R8E, MDBM in Plumas County.   5/18/18
Trinity Community Protection and Landscape Resilience Project / Kelsey Peak Timber Sale and Fuelbreak Project.

T2S, R8E and T3S, R8E, HBM; and T 28 N, R 12 W and T 27 N, R 12 W, MDBM  in Trinity County.

Trinity Community Protection and Landscape Resilience Project / 1st 48 Roadside Fuelbreak Collaborative Project T2S, R8E, Sec. 6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33; and T2S, R7E, Sec. 11, 12 and 13, Humboldt Baseline and Meridian in Trinity County.   5/18/18
Highway 128 Fuel Break Sections 30 & 31  T08N, R01W; and Section 23, 25, 26, 27, 28 & 36 T08N, R02W, MDBM in Yolo County.   5/14/18
RRU Demonstration Forest 2018 Section 12, T5S, R2E, SBB&M in Riverside County   4/20/18
Eastman Training Burn Sections 15, 22, 23, 26 & 27, T8S, R18E;  MDBM in Madera County.   4/16/18
South County Shaded Fuel Break Section 1,2,3,10,11,15, T14N, R08E; Section 34, T15N, R08E;  Section(s) 5,6, T14N, R09E;  MDBM in Nevada County.   4/16/18
Glenshire Fuel Reduction Sections 9, 4, and 5 of T.17 N., R.17 E., and Section 33 of T.18 N., R.17 E.;  MDBM in Nevada County.   4/16/18
Pines 16 SRA 0117 Sections 34 & 35, T 22 N, R 4 E;  MDBM in Butte County.   4/16/18
Parkfield Forest Fire Station Geotechnical Work Monterey County, CA   4/16/18
Ishi Conservation Camp Kitchen-Dining Facility Tehama County   4/9/18
Coalinga Propane Tank Location Change Fresno County   4/9/18
Rancheria FFS Fiber Optic Installation  Madera County   4/9/18
Nash Mill Road Fuel Reduction Sections 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 34 & 35, T 15 N, R 15 W;  and Sections 19 & 30, T 15 N, R 14 ; MDBM in Mendocino County.   4/2/18
Tomki Road Fuel Reduction Sections 30 & 31, T 18 N, R 12 W; MDBM; in Mendocino County   4/2/18
Swanton View Fuel Reduction Sections 7 & 8, T10S, R3W, MDBM, and portions of un-surveyed Rancho Agua Puerca y Las Trancas,; in Santa Cruz County.   3/20/18
Habib Ranch Fire Prevention Training Site Sections 4, 8, 9, 16 and 17, T21N, R3E, MDBM; in Butte County.   3/20/18
Deerwood Drive Extension Fuel Reduction Portion of Unsurveyed Yokaya Rancho; T 15 N, R 12 W, MDBM; in Mendocino County.   3/20/18
RRU 2018 Rancho PavoReal Fire Preparedness Exercise (FPE) Sections 8, 9, 16, 17 and 20, T7S, R1E SBBM; in Riverside County.   3/20/18
Sonora Union High School Wildcat Ranch Hazardous Fuel Reduction 18461Wards Ferry Road, Sonora, CA. 95370  in Tuolumne County   3/19/18
MVU SRA Grant:  Ramona Dead and Dying Hazardous Tree Removal 5GS16119-16-MVU-0120 Ramona Community Planning Area, Ramona, CA.; in San Diego County.   3/13/18
Hornitos FFS Apparatus Bay Hornitos, CA   3/9/18
Monte Verde Extension Fuel Break Section 11 & 12, T13N, R9E, MDBM; in Placer County   3/7/18
HFEO Hiring List Exam Ione, CA   3/7/18
Trinity Community Protection and Landscape Resilience Project / Westside Plantation Thin T1S, R7E; T1S, R6E; T1N, R8E; T1N, R7E; T1N, R6E; T2N, R8E; T2N, R7E; T2N, R6E; and T3N, R7E, Humboldt Meridian; in Trinity County.   3/5/18
LAMRC Gate Installation Davis, CA   3/6/18


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are available for review and comment:

Project Name Project Location Close of Public Comment Date

Turkel Fuels Reduction Project


Schott Rd and Doe Mill Rd, near Forest Ranch, Butte County April 5, 2018

Rincon Fire Station Replacement

16971 State Route 76, Pauma Valley, California, 92061 (San Diego County)


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are available for review:

Project Name


Project Approval Date


Lucia Abreu Vineyard Howell Mountain Conversion Project

Napa County


Davis Family, LLC Friesen Vineyards Project

Napa County  

Ciminelli Estate Vineyards (EIR)

Napa County  

Dupen Blueberry Hill Timberland Conversion

Yuba County  

Pepperwood Preserve Initial Study Negative Declaration

Sonoma County 12/2016


The following CEQA DOCUMENTS are being prepared and are available for Agency comment:

Project Name Project Location Agency Comment Due



Project Name


Meeting/Hearing Date

No Projects at this time.

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