January 18, 2000
Karen Terrill
CDF Information Officer
(916) 653-5123

Editor's Advisory Fire Season 1999 Ends in Southern California

Sacramento - The recent rains have brought fire season 1999 to a close in Southern California. It is unusual, but not unprecedented, for one year's fire season to extend into the next calendar year. The last time this happened was when fire season 1989 ended January 15 of 1990. Previously, fire season 1980 ended January 13, 1981. The 1979 season ended January 11, 1980, and fire season 1975 continued until February 5, 1976.

This year, in Northern California, fire season ended November 9. However, all CDF ranger units south of the Tehachappi Mountains continued to experience wildland fires and remained on full fire season status until today (January 18, 2000).

Fire season is simply a state of readiness. By extending fire season, seasonal firefighters may be retained, fire stations that normally close for the winter remain staffed 24 hours per day, and dispatching and staffing levels may remain at peak.

Winter staffing levels only pertain to wildfire response. Since CDF is a full service fire department, our crews will continue to respond to medical aids, search and rescues, hazardous material spills and the other emergency responses that Californians have come to expect.


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