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Aviation Officer III (Flight Operations)

Incumbents at this level plan and direct departmental staff and contractors in the use of aircraft; perform contract development, implementation, and administration; provide advice and counsel to the Senior Aviation Officer regarding aircraft operations; recommend and assist in developing policies and guidelines in all phases of flight operations for State-owned and contracted aircraft; develop, implement, and oversee flight standards and training programs; ensure that all pilots who fly department aircraft comply with minimum training and proficiency requirements; as needed, act as relief and primary pilot of State-owned and contracted aircraft in the performance of fire suppression and vegetation management projects; provide technical assistance to aircraft accident investigative teams and may recommend policy changes as a result; assist in the acquisition of aircraft; monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations for improving aircraft equipment, safety equipment, and the air program relative to flight operations; plan and administer the budget for the flight operations program; and do other related work. This classification will provide guidance and function as a lead person to Aviation Officers II (Flight Operations) in carrying out their duties.

Minimum Qualifications
Possession of the following certificates:

  1. A valid and current second-class Airman’s Medical Certificate issued by an FAA authorized examiner. And


  1. A valid FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with multi-engine land airplane and instrument ratings. Or
  1. A valid FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate with multi-engine land airplane ratings and instrument ratings. Or


  1. A valid FAA Commercial Airman Certificate with a helicopter-rotorcraft class rating. Or
  1. A valid ATP Certificate with helicopter-rotorcraft class rating.



1,500 hours in-command of aircraft (fixed or rotary-wing). And

Either I

One year of experience in the California state service performing the duties of an Aviation Officer II (Flight Operations) or Aviation Officer II (Maintenance). (Applicants who have completed six months of service performing the duties of an Aviation Officer II (Flight Operations) or Aviation Officer II (Maintenance) will be admitted to the examination, but they must satisfactorily complete one year of this experience before they can be eligible for appointment.)


Two years of experience in government service performing watershed and fire protection duties which have included a full-time assignment as a base manager or an air attack coordinator during the declared fire season.


Five hundred additional hours in command of either fixed-or rotary-wing aircraft performing low-level missions (e.g., wildland fire control, external loads, medi-vac operations, search and rescue, aerial surveys, etc.). and One year of experience in developing and directing training programs for pilot proficiency in use of aircraft in specialized air operations; or managerial experience in military, government, or commercial air services.



The applicant must have knowledge of the practical application of aircraft operations practices and procedures; and FAA and other regulations governing aircraft operation and maintenance; types of aircraft and their performance capabilities, characteristics, capacity for specialized modifications and adaptability for use; principles and practices of employee training; and contracting and procurement to ensure compliance with governmental regulations.


The applicant must be able to operate aircraft to commercial standards; and operate a computer



Applicant must have the ability to research and apply technical data; plan, organize, and direct the work of others; schedule pilots for flight operations, and provide technical guidance to pilots and other cooperative agencies to ensure safe operation of aircraft; and communicate effectively in English to apply FAA regulations; make inspections and appraisals of aircraft, aircraft accessories, and pilots; and maintain cooperative working relationships.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Possession of a valid driver license of the appropriate class issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.



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